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ParCo 2017 - Industrial Session

Wednesday, 13/Sep/2017   15:30 - 18:00

  • Maximizing throughput while reducing power consumption: a dream or a reality?
    Fabrizio Magugliani (E4 Computer Engineering Spa)
    : It is widely assumed that achieving maximum throughput in a cluster requires keeping all the resources (CPUs, accelerators, memory and network) at maximum rate. The power consumption of the cluster, due mainly to CPUs and GPUs, is therefore at its maximum, requiring expensive technologies for reducing the temperature in the node and in the data center. E4 Computer Engineering, within the PRACE project Pre-Commercial Procurement, designed an advanced and efficient technology for maximizing the throughput of the system while minimizing the power consumption. The technology, developed with the collaboration of University of Bologna, monitors the workload of the system as well as interfaces with the batch subsystem to switch off the components that are not used by the specific code in execution or for whom there is no use to be kept spinning idle. While the technology is still in development, preliminary results show promising results.