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For users

CINECA’s User Support team provides support for all users of HPC systems in CINECA. 

We operate the Helpdesk, provide information and documentation, help users solving their computational problems or simply finding the best way to face a scientific problem.

Contact the helpdesk at superc@cineca.it.

UserDBthis is a convenient place to see your personal profile, the projects you are granted for, your allocation balance and allowed services;

Getting Started:  this document describes how to become a user of CINECA's supercomputers;

Get in touch:  how to register for our Mailing list (HPC-news) and get announcements about the Center life;

Help Desk:  how the support service is operated, names and curricula of members of the HPC support staff.

Documentation:  these documents will guide you through the basics of using our supercomputers, storage systems, and services. User Guide , FAQ and focus documents are available.