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HBP Education Programme


The HBP Education Programme offers various transdisciplinary educational opportunities, including workshops and schools.

Five open online courses (three that teach science for non-specialists in the HBP disciplines neurobiology, ICT, and brain medicine, and two courses on the complementary subjects of ehtics and IPR), Advanced schools on each of the core disciplines neuroscience, ICT and medicine with an emphasis on current challenges of the field, and an annual HBP Student Conference organised for young researchers from the fields of neuroscience, brain medicine and computer science.

Keep up to date about HBP programme and upcoming events:

  • The first HBP Curriculum teaching cycle finished on 19 July 2017. Have you missed the chance to be part of it? This newsletter provides some insights into the first teaching cycle and offers an outlook on the second HBP Curriculum teaching cycle.
  • Want to get an introduction to the theory of cognitive systems? Submit your application for the HBP Curriculum Workshop on cognitive systems for non-specialists from 13-15 March 2018 at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.
  • Register now for the 2nd HBP Young Researchers Event - Integrating neuroscience data into models and simulations and tell us about your projects, problems, or what you would be interested to learn about the HBP Platforms.
  • Do you want to learn new scientific methods and gain practical experience? Various HBP partners offer lab visit opportunities for young researchers.
  • Call for applications: The 5th HBP School on Future Medicine will take place from 27 November – 3 December 2017 under the title Brain Disease Neuroscience – Influencing clinical diagnoses and treatments by data mining analysis- and modelling-driven neuroscience.
  • Call for submissions: The 2nd HBP Student Conference – Transdisciplinary Research Linking Neuroscience, Brain Medicine and Computer Science will take place from 14-16 February 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Other educational events organised by HBP partners:

  • Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School 2017
  • ECML PKDD 2017: The European Conference on Machine Learning & Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery

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