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The Italian supercomputer MARCONI, available to the Italian and European scientific community, is now number 21 in the Top500. Marconi is the largest supercomputer available in Italian Academic sector and is the 4th in Europe.
Italy will host one of the pre-exascale class computers funded by the European Commission in the context of EuroHPC, a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union
This 6th edition of the Cineca HPC Annual Report continues our commitment to offer data and information about our effort and impact in HPC on the scientific community and to share with all our stakeholders our vision and perspectives of development

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Sugan, M.; Vuan, A.; Kato, A.; Massa, M.; Amati, G. (CINECA)

We apply a matched‐filter‐technique to augment the detected events in the time window between the two mainshocks of the 2012 Emilia seismic sequence (Italy), 20...


De Vita, F.; Verzicco, R.; Iafrati, A.

The two-dimensional flow induced by the breaking of modulated wave trains is numerically investigated using the open source software Gerris.
The two-phase flow is modelled by the Navier–Stokes...


Krastev, V.K.; Amati, G. (CINECA); Succi, S; Falcucci, G.

In this work, we perform fully three-dimensional numerical simulations of the flow field surrounding cylindrical structures characterized by different types of...