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HPC clusters back to production


Dear Users,

This is to inform you that Galileo, Marconi and Marconi100 are back to full production.

Due to a security break occured a few days before the maintenance all users passwords and authorized keys generated previously to access the clusters are now expired and therefore the users need to generate a new password or public/privaye key to access the systems.

To this end please remember that: i) when accessing the machine you will find the prompt: "Enter a new password" that invites you to issue a new password. Once changed, the session will close and you have to connect again with the new password; ii)  the new password must be different with respect to all previous ones; iii) All existing authorized_keys have been removed. In case you have to generate new keys and transfer the pubblic one to the proper path in the destination cluster.

Please keep in mind our policy for the password definition: 


 or the instruction to generate your private key: https://wiki.u-gov.it/confluence/display/SCAIUS/How+to+connect+by+a+publ...

 Best Regards,

 HPC User Support @ CINECA