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Marconi100: activation of procedure to prevent SCRATCH filling


Dear Users,

This is to inform you that $CINECA_SCRATCH area on Marconi100 cluster is currently more than 90% full. This may lead to problems to the filesystem causing failures of users' jobs and preventing access to that filesystem. We strongly remind all users that the SCRATCH area is conceived for just temporary storage of users' files and therefore we recommend to keep its occupancy as low as possible so as to avoid issues with users' jobs and activities.

To prevent the critical threshold to be reached, we decided to activate two procedures:

- on 14th of January 2021 we will enable an automatic procedure that sets a temporary quota of 20 TB on user's occupancy of the SCRATCH area when the global occupancy exceeds 88%. We will inform you when the quota is applied. As a consequence of the quota, jobs expected to write in SCRATCH area when you are occupying more that 20 TB will fail. The quota will be kept until the occupancy of the area goes below the critical threshold.

- on 26th of January 2021 we will activate a periodic cleaning procedure. Files are daily cancelled by an automatic procedure if not accessed for more than 40 days.

We remind Users that for long term storage of files you can use $WORK and/or $DRES resources where there are no cancellation policies and that survives for the entire life of the project.
For more info on both areas and procedures, please consult our dedicated HPC Users' Guide:

Best Regards,

HPC User Support @ CINECA