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Open position funded by the MaX - Materials at the exascale EU Horizon2020 Centre of Excellence


Dear Users,

A post-doctoral position in the field of electronic-structure software development is available at IOM-CNR, Trieste, Italy for one year, renewable for another year.
The successful candidate must have a PhD in science, research experience in computer simulations and in scientific software programming.
Experience with density-functional theory (DFT) calculations, especially with the plane wave-pseudopotential method, is a plus.

The successful candidate will work on the Quantum ESPRESSO software distribution in one or more of the following topics, depending upon his/her skill set:
- development of new methods and algorithms for advanced DFT functionals;
- refactoring and modularisation of the code basis, notably for first-principle molecular dynamics, linear response, computational spectroscopy;
- porting of Quantum ESPRESSO  new heterogeneous accelerated architectures (e.g.,  GPUs);
- improvement of Quantum ESPRESSO user experience, users’ and developers’ documentation, testing

The work requires coordination and interactions with the Quantum ESPRESSO users and developers community and with the MaX EU Centre of Excellence.


The official announcement and forms are available at the following link:


Please contact Paolo Giannozzi <paolo.giannozzi@uniud.it> for more information and clarifications on how to apply.

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