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PRACE-ICEI Calls for Proposals - Call 4 now open until 22 January 2021!


Dear Users,

we are glad to announce the PRACE-ICEI Calls for Proposals - Call #4! 

PRACE-ICEI Calls for Proposals, PRACE in partnership with EU funded ICEI project,  offer resources from the Fenix Research Infrastructure, funded by the European ICEI project, to European researchers in any scientific domain.

PRACE-ICEI Calls for Proposals are aimed at researchers from academia and industry in need of scalable computing resources, interactive computing services, VM services and data storage to carry on their research.

The offering is based on quarterly calls with a lightweight proposal submission mechanism requesting one or more of the following services:

· Scalable computing services
· Interactive computing services
· Virtual Machine services
· Archival data repository
· Active data repository

Call#4 of the PRACE-ICEI Calls for Proposals is now open until 22 January 2021. Allocated resources for Call#4 are scheduled to start from April 2021 and will be limited to 12 months. Details on the call requirements and amount of resources offered can be found at https://prace-ri.eu/hpc-access/collaborative-calls/prace-icei-calls-for-proposals-call-4/ together with the details on how to apply to the Call.