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Second Summer School on Computational Fluid Dynamics & SuperComputing


Dear Users, 

Registration for the Second Summer School on Computational Fluid Dynamics & SuperComputing is open. 

The school will take place at the prestigious GSSI - Gran Sasso Science Institute in beautiful L'Aquila, Italy from July 16th to July 21st, 2023.
The school aims to introduce modern concepts in computational fluid dynamics, with a special focus on implementing high-fidelity methodologies (#LES and #DNS) on modern supercomputers. The program is designed for MSc/PhD students, post-docs, academic and industrial researchers, and software developers who currently use or plan to use/develop #CFD code.
It will cover a broad range of topics, including turbulent, multi-phase, and compressible flows. The lectures will provide a step-by-step didactic introduction to the numerical methods, each lecture being followed by tutorial, hands-on sessions dedicated to efficient parallel implementation.
Brief introductory and advanced notions about parallelization strategies (MPI, OpenMPI), use of Graphic Accelerators, as well as plug-in numerical libraries, will also be provided.
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