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Updates on support of PGI and HPC-SDK modules


Dear users,
Our licenses for the PGI compiler suite have expired on October, 31st. Such licenses are actually not renewable, because the PGI and nVIDIA suites have recently merged into a common compiler suite, called "HPC-SDK":

Therefore, we inform you that CINECA does not provide support for the old PGI modules anymore. Instead, we suggest all users to switch to the new "hpc-sdk" module, available for Galileo and Marconi100, where the PGI compilers (pgcc,pgf90,...) are now available, along with the standard nVIDIA Cuda compilers such as nvcc.
On M100 the module was already available as "hpc-sdk/2020", while for Galileo is has just been created and added to profile/base as "hpc-sdk/20.9".

For both clusters, the old PGI modules will be moved on profile/archive on Monday, November 23rd, where they will remain available. If you intend to continue using these modules, please remember to change your scripts accordingly starting next Monday. Please be also aware that the license expiration is making Galileo modules not working for most cases, while on M100 PGI is still working and the only consequence of the expiration is a warning displayed when compiling.

Finally, on Marconi100 we are working for implementing HPC-SDK as an available compiler suite for Spack. This will need an update of the version of Spack itself, since the compatibility with the suite is a recent feature. We are working on this and we will inform you via HPC-News. Meanwhile, Spack users on M100 can continue to work with PGI or they can use HPC-SDK as a standard module, without Spack support.

Best regards,
HPC User Support - CINECA