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CINECA Access Panel

The CINECA Access Panel was formally appointed in the 2012, for the decision of the CINECA Board of Directors, as an institutional body.

One of the tasks of the CINECA Access Panel is to manage the procedure of the Italian peer-review system and to ensure the coherence with European (PRACE) and worldwide procedures.

Members of the CINECA Access Panel are Professors from Italian academia and research institutes.

2019 - 2024

Marco Aldinucci

PE6 - Informatica - AI & Machine Learning

Full Professor, Informatics, University of Torino, (Italy)

Roberto Benzi

PE8 - Computational Engineering

Full professor, Theoretical Physics, University of Roma Tor Vergata, (Italy)

Mauro Ferrario

PE3 - Condensed Matter Physics

Full Professor, Condensed Matter Physics, University of Modena, (Italy)

Marco Ferretti

PE6 - Informatica - AI & Machine Learning

Full Professor, Advanced Computer Architecture, University of Pavia, (Italy)

Rossella Ferretti  

PE10 - Earth and Climate Science

Full Professor, Oceanography and Atmosphere, University of L’Aquila, (Italy)

Giovanni Peres

PE9 - Astrophysics and Plasma Physics

Full Professor, Astronomy, University of Palermo, (Italy)

Paolo Ruggerone

LS1 - LS2 Life Science – Compu. biology

Full Professor, Physics, University of Cagliari, (Italy)

Silvano Simula

PE2 - Particle Physics

Full Professor, University of Roma Tre, (Italy)

Alfredo Soldati

PE8 - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Full Professor, Fluidmechanik, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna (Austria)

Claudio Zannoni

PE4 - Computational Chemistry

Emeritus Professor, Physical Chemistry, University of Bologna, (Italy)