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Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing in C++

Course Organizer: 
M. Culpo (Bologna), L.Ferraro (Rome), A. Invernizzi (Milan)

This course will teach the fundamentals of C++ language. An in-depth review of the main language features will be given in the class. Where possible, examples of the use of those features will be presented using snippets taken from the context of Scientific and Technical Computing. General design strategies and well-known idioms will be discussed as a mean to avoid common pitfalls. 

3 Editions:

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Procedural C++; Introduction to Object Oriented programming; Classes, inheritance, polymorphism; Function and class templates; Introduction to the Standard Library and its use. Advanced topics such as Template Meta-Programming and Boost Libraries won't be treated in this course.
Target audience: 

The course is open to anybody who is interested in an introduction to C++ focused on the field of Scientific and Technical Programming.

A solid knowledge of C is mandatory.
3 dd