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Summer of HPC @ Cineca: Video

Summer of HPC 2018 @ Cineca:

  • Atul Singh worked on InSitu Visualization with CFD Data using OpenFOAM project

  • Nazmiye Arslan worked on Web Visualization and Data Analysis of energy Load of an HPC system project

Summer of HPC 2017 @ Cineca:

  • Arnau Mirò worked on Viewing the Mediterranean Sea project
    Winner of "PRACE Summer of HPC 2017 Best Visualisation Award"
    : ParaViewWeb is a very interesting tool for data visualization. This project explores the capabilities of generating 3D visualizations using ParaView web capabilities for off-line browsing of archived data. A custom web application as well as a number of ParaView plugins have been developed in order to explore OGSTM-BFM data sets.


  • Petr Stehlík worked on Web visualization of Energy load of an HPC system project
    Abstract: Energy efficiency is one of the most timely problems in managing HPC facilities which can be addressed at different
    scale and perspective. Using Internet of Things technologies this project focuses on visualising data collected from the Galileo supercomputer in a web application.

Summer of HPC 2016 @ Cineca:

  • Anurag Dogra worked on InSitu Visualization of Navier Stokes Tornado Effect project, with co-ordinator: M. Guarrasi (Cineca):

Winner of "PRACE Summer of HPC 2016 Best Visualisation Award":
Anurag produced a highly impressive In Situ visualisation of tornado effects, in which he exhibited his dedication to quality. His visualisation very nicely explained the complexity and journey of working in High Performance Computing. He exhibited great understanding of the underlying physics and produced an excellent report. He received very positive feedback from his mentor and fellow participants. The high quality work illustrates his motivation and dedication to the programme. Anurag was excellent team player that contributed strongly to the Summer of HPC.

  • Petr Valenta worked on In Situ or Batch Visualization of Biogeochemical State of the Mediterranean Sea with co-ordinator: L. Calori (Cineca)

Summer of HPC 2015 @ Cineca:
  • n.1505 Cem Benar "Visualization tool for olfactory bulb data"

  • n.1506 Leon Kocjančič "Exploring Mars Surface"
Summer of HPC 2014 @ Cineca:
You can download the final video about the 2014 projects at Cineca: "Summer of HPC 2014 at Cineca" (170Mb).