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Workshop "PICO: the Cineca solutions for Big Data Science"


Many disciplines today share a common problem: the storage and management of large amounts of data.
Cineca has recently initiated a new programme for the promotion of Big Data Science, addressing the challenges that arise when either the data volume, structure or the speed of collection, make processing difficult.

A new computing system, named PICO, is now available at Cineca. It is named after Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Modena, humanist and philosopher of the 1400s, renowned for his prodigious memory.

It is intended to enable new BigData classes of applications, related to the management and processing of large quantities of data, coming from both simulations and experiments. There will be a particular focus on all emerging scenarios which require an interactive model (Urgent Computing), as well as new paradigms of resource utilization through Cloud Computing technology.

PICO will be officially presented in this workshop and experts in different disciplines will show how PICO can effectively help them to solve their problems of BigData management.

The workshop will take place on Friday 5 December 2014 (10:00 to 14:00) in Cineca - Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno.

The event will be held in Italian. View the Agenda.

The workshop is free, registration is required.

The workshop will be broadcasted here. (WARNING: Impossible to interact with speakers for the users connected in remote.)