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Quantum Computing and HPC


Quantum computing is a challenge that involves different types of actors: researchers, technology manufacturers, software manufacturers, large technology companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon. To highlight the progress of this research, Cineca, in collaboration with the CNR, organizes the third edition of the workshop "Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing" with the aim of comparing people interested in quantum technology from universities, research institutes and companies.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, December 15 at 10.00 am by Zoom and in streaming. There will be the participation of researchers dealing with quantum computing from different points of view: physics, information theory, mathematics, engineering, data science, quantum technology, information technology, consulting, energy, ...

The workshop will be held in English, is free and will be accessible in streaming on Youtube.

"Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing" - 15 December 2020


Riccardo Mengoni (CINECA), Daniele Ottaviani (CINECA) and Enrico Prati (CNR)


Luca Asproni (Data Reply) • Virginia Carnevali (Central Michigan University) • Alessandro Crippa (Institute of Science and Technology Austria) • Gian Giacomo Guerreschi (Intel) • Paul Finlay (Xanadu) • Annarita Giani (GE Research) • Victoria Goliber (D-Wave) • Anna Grassellino (SQMS DOE) • Michele Grossi (IBM) • Loic Henriet (Pasqal) • Helena Liebelt (Intel) • Giuseppe Magnifico (University of Padua) • Stefano Martina (University of Florence) • Andy Mason (D-Wave) • Kevin Mato (Polytechnic University of Milan) • Marta Mauri (Zapata Computing) • Raffaele Mauro (Endeavor Italia) • Simone Notarnicola (University of Padua) • Iris Paparelle (CNR-IFN, University of Milan) • Ivano Pullano (Atos) • Rudy Semola (CNR-IFN, University of Pisa) • Simone Severini (AWS/UCL) • Ilaria Siloi (University of Southern California) • Cor Van Der Struijf (IBM) • Davide Vodola (University of Bologna)