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Urgent computing for the World Tsunami Awareness Day


On the 5th of November, on the occasion of the World Tsunami Awareness Day (WTAD) organized by UNDRR, we will conduct a table-top exercise in which we will replay the destructive event which occurred almost one year ago from today: the 2020 Mw 7 Samos earthquake, which caused building collapses and about 100 victims at Izmir, and a moderate tsunami which hit the close-by island of Samos to the South and the coast of Turkey to the North, causing one victim.

The Tsunami Service Providers (TSPs) of the NEAMTWS that issued alert messages for this tsunami in 2020 will participate in the exercise, which will be conducted between 9-13:30 CET.

The exercise is promoted by the ChEESE Project to show the potentiality of High-Performance Computing for Probabilistic Hazard Forecasting, and in particular of Urgent Computing for Rapid Post Event Assessment. Then, it mostly targets ARISTOTLE/ERCC purposes.

The Urgent Computing will be performed live by INGV researchers on the CINECA Marconi100 supercomputer.

An ensemble of tsunami simulations will be run to evaluate the Probabilistic Tsunami Forecasting (PTF, https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-021-25815-w).

The potentiality and applicability of the PTF for early-warning operations will also be discussed among the NEAMTWS TSPs.

With the participation of the NEAMTWS Tsunami Service Providers NOA, KOERI, CAT-INGV; the ARISTOTLE Tsunami Hazard Group; National and European Civil Protection representatives; EPOS representatives.

See the agenda below.