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In February 2023, the GRIN project (Art-driveninnovation for digital and green transition in EuropeanRegions) waslaunched,apreparatory action of the STARTS regional centres aimedatdevelopingeffectivesolutions for the digital and ecologicaltransition in Europe. Five Regions are involved: Upper Austria,with the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz,which is coordinating the project; Aveiro, in Portugal, with Artshare; Porto District, also in Portugal, with Coliseu Porto Ageas; the FinnishOulu University of Applied Sciences,representing the North Ostrobothniaregion; and KILOWATT and CINECA, for the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy.  

The project involves creating a network of partners to work together on common European and global challenges for ecological transition and sustainable well-being and plans to acivate 12 artistic residencies of international profile.

The call for the residencies proposes a series of possible challenges as the main source of inspiration for the artists. For the Emilia-Romagna region and its three residences, Kilowatt and Cineca have developed a series of themes, starting with explorations around the concept of digital twins as a synthetic representation of the complexity of reality. Drawing on CINECA’s HPC facilities and expertise in meteorological and climate data management, AI and scientific visualization, artists will be invited to explore the following:

  • the design of technology to enhance the human experience and promote sensory and cognitive capacities;
  • how to promote non-anthropocentric perspectives to decolonize our relationship with nature, society and ecosystems;
  • the ethical considerations that underpin the creation and implementation of digital twins to avoid reinforcing existing power structures or creating new ones;
  • and, in general, how art can contribute to developing and using these technologies to promote a more just and sustainable system.

The projects concern:

  • GRIN Residencies in Linz, Austria: Hatred on the internet, The Climate Crisis, Well-Being of young people (Deadline May 31 2023)
  • GRIN Residencies in Bologna, Italy: Supercomputing, Quantum and Digital Twin (Deadline June 26 2023)
  • GRIN Residencies in Porto, Portugal – AR Contemporary Theater (Deadline June 26 2023)
  • GRIN Residencies in Aveiro, Portugal – Drone technologies for biodiversity (Deadline June 26 2023)
  • GRIN Residencies in Oulu, Finland – Sound and Print (Deadline June 26 2023)

Call is open from April 28 2023 to June 26 2023.

More information and link to the announcement.

GRIN S+T+ARTS regional centres preparatory action under grant agreement LC-01984769 aims to developeffectivesolutions for Europe'sdigital and ecologicaltransition.