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The Italian supercomputer MARCONI100, available to the Italian and European scientific community, is now number 9 in the Top500. Marconi100 is the largest supercomputer available in Italian and European Academic sector.
This 7th edition of the Cineca HPC Annual Report continues our commitment to offer data and information about our effort and impact in HPC on the scientific community and to share with all our stakeholders our vision and perspectives of development
The system, acquired by Cineca within the PPI4HPC European initiative and installed at Cineca in February, opens the way to the pre-exascale Leonardo supercomputer expected to be installed in 2021.

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The EOSC-Pillar National Initiatives Survey Work Package designed and conducted a set of surveys to assess the state of the art of national initiatives in the area of research infrastructures.
The Khronos® Group announces the ratification and public release of the SYCL™ 2020 Provisional Specification. SYCL is a standard C++ based heterogeneous parallel programming framework for accelerating HPC, machine learning, embedded computing, and compute-intensive desktop applications on a wide range of processor architectures.
PRACE- ICEI Calls for Proposals are aimed at researchers from academia and industry in need of scalable computing resources, interactive computing services, Virtual Machine services and data storage to carry on their research. The resources are from the Fenix Research Infrastructure, funded by the European ICEI project. DEADLINE: 13 July 2020