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EuroHPC JU has approved Cineca expression of interest for upgrading Leonardo supercomputer, targeting an increase of 100 PFlops of computing capacity: named Lisa, after the universally known portrait Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.
The CINECA's supercomputer LEONARDO, jointly funded by EuroHPC and CINECA on behalf of Italian Ministry of University and Research, reached the 4th position in the Top500 list of the fastest supercomputers in the world.
The website of the supercomputer Leonardo is online. On the website you will find: technical information about Leonardo, news, updates about the installation, photos, a virtual tour, curiosities, and more!

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Today, August 3rd, marks the official start of the production phase for Leonardo’s Booster module. The computing power of Leonardo will be made accessible to Italy, the European community, and national and international public and private entities for research and innovation activities.
The ICSC National Research Centre for High Performance Computing is launching the “RE-TRAIN-ME Initiative” a training program in Biomedical Computing. Call for all degree holders in biology, biotechnology, pharmacy, physics, informatics, engineering, mathematics, human and veterinary medicine, chemistry, materials science, astronomy, natural sciences, or statistical science.
Three artistic residences are foreseen in Bologna to work with the world of research on common European and global challenges for ecological transition and sustainable well-being. The artists will provide the critical reflection and new imaginaries for the ecological transition using the technologies, software and computing capacity of CINECA (including Leonardo).