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Resources software - Engineering

Name Version Description Topic Availability Target user
Abaqus 2017 (MARCONI) 2016 (G100)

Finite Element Analyzer 

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI restricted
ANSA 22.1.0 (G100)

ANSA is an advanced multidisciplinary CAE pre-processing tool that provides all the necessary functionality for full-model build up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file, in a single integrated environment.

Engineering GALILEO100 all
Ansys 192 (MARCONI) 212,221,193,195,202 (G100)

General purpose software for mechanical engineering

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI restricted
Cdo 2.0.0(M100) 1.9.10 (G100) 1.9.7 (Marconi)

CDO is a collection of command line Operators to manipulate and analyse Climate and NWP model Data.

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI, MARCONI100 all
Converge 3.0.25

Computational fluid dynamics software

Engineering GALILEO100 restricted
Dakota 6.8 (G100 - MARCONI)

The Dakota project delivers both state-of-the-art research and robust, usable software for optimization and UQ.

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI all
Flux 2018

Flux 2D/3D features a big number of functionalities dedicated to electromagnetism

Engineering MARCONI restricted
GrADS 2.2.1 (MARCONI) 2.2.2 (G100)

Grid Analysis and Display System - manipulation of earth science data.

Engineering, Production Environment GALILEO100, MARCONI all
Gurobi 9.1.2

The Gurobi Optimizer a solver available for your LP, QP, QCP, and MIP (MILP, MIQP, and MIQCP) problems.

Engineering GALILEO100 all
Hyperworks 2019.1

Altair Hyperworks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products.

Engineering GALILEO100 restricted
Ls-dyna r12.1.0

General-purpose, implicit and explicit FEM software

Engineering GALILEO100 restricted
Matlab r2020b (G100) r2019b (MARCONI)

MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming.

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI restricted
Nastran 2021.1

A multidisciplinary structural analysis application used by engineers to perform static, dynamic, and thermal analysis.

Engineering GALILEO100 restricted
OpenFOAM 9.0 (G100) 8.0 (MARCONI)

Open Field Operation and Manipulation: CFD Toolbox 

Engineering, Physics GALILEO100, MARCONI all
ORCA 5.0.3 (G100) 4.2.1(Marconi)

Ab initio quantum chemistry program package

Chemistry, Engineering, Physics GALILEO100 all
Papi 5.7.1 Engineering MARCONI all
R 4.2.0 (G100) 3.6.1 (Marconi) 4.0.1 (M100)

Statistical computing and graphics

Bioinformatics, Engineering, Life Science, Maths Libraries GALILEO100, MARCONI, MARCONI100 all
Scilab 5.5.2

Open source software for numerical computation

Engineering GALILEO100 all
STAR-CCM 16.04.012-r8 (MARCONI) 16.06.008 (G100)

STAR-CCM+ delivers the entire engineering simulation process in a single integrated software environment.

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI restricted
SU2 6.0.0

SU2 is an open-source collection of software tools written in C++ and Python for the analysis of partial differential equations (PDEs) and PDE-constrained optimization problems on unstructured meshes with state-of-the-art numerical methods.

Engineering MARCONI all
Tecio 2018r2

TecIO is the library supplied with Tecplot 360 that enables third-party applications to output solution data directly to Tecplot binary-formatted files.

Engineering, Visualisation MARCONI100 all
Tecplot 2018r2 (Marconi), 2021r2 (G100)

Tecplot 360 EX is a CFD post-processor.

Engineering GALILEO100, MARCONI all
Trilinos 12.12.1

The Trilinos Project is an effort to develop algorithms and enabling technologies within an object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems.

Engineering MARCONI all