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Silvestri, V; Zelli, V; Valentini, V; Rizzolo, P; Navazio, AS; Coppa, A; Agata, S; Oliani, C; Barana, D; Castrignano, T (Cineca), et al.

BACKGROUND: Male breast...


Rona, A.; Spisso, I.(Cineca); Hall, E.; Bernardini, M.; Pirozzoli, S.

A family of space-and time-optimised prefactored compact schemes are developed that minimisethe computational...


Chandramouli, B; Chillemi, G (Cineca)

Smyd2, the SET and MYND domain containing protein lysine methyltransferase, targets histone and nonhistone substrates. Methylation of...


Grottesi, A (Cineca); Cecconi, S; Molina, R; D'abramo, M

The conformational behavior of the wild-type endonucleases I-DmoI and two of its mutants has been studied in the presence...


Rizzolo, P; Navazio, AS; Silvestri, V; Valentini, V; Zelli, V; Zanna, I; Masala, G; Bianchi, S; Scarno, M (Cineca) et al.

Male breast cancer (MBC) is a rare disease. Due to its...


Reale, F.; Orlando, S.; Guarrasi, M (Cineca); et al.

We perform MHD modeling of a single bright coronal loop to include the interaction with a non-uniform magnetic field. The field...


Sicca, F; Ambrosini, E; Marchese, M; Sforna, L; Servettini, I; Valvo, G; Brignone, MS; Lanciotti, A; Moro, F; Grottesi, A (Cineca); et al.

Dysfunction of the inwardly-rectifying...


Valerio D’Alessandro (a) Sergio Montelpare (b), Renato Ricci (a)

In this paper we present Detached–Eddy Simulations (DES) of the flow field past a cylinder at Reynolds number 3900 obtained by means of the open–source code OpenFOAM.


Motta, M; Chillemi, G (Cineca); Fodale, V; et al.

SHOC2 is a scaffold protein composed almost entirely by leucine-rich repeats (LRRs) and having an N-terminal region enriched in...


Dionisi-Vici, C; Shteyer, E; Niceta, M; Rizzo, C; Pode-Shakked, B; Chillemi, G (Cineca); Bruselles, A; et al.

Transient infantile hypertriglyceridemia (HTGT1; OMIM #614480) is a...