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Special Features


Kopljar, I; Grottesi, A (Cineca); et al.

Marine ladder-shaped polyether toxins are implicated in neurological symptoms of fish-borne food poisonings. The toxin gambierol, produced by the marine dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus...


Conficoni, C; Bartolini, A; Tilli, A; Cavazzoni, C (Cineca); Benini, L.

Advanced cooling systems and optimization strategies are critical to operate modern supercomputers and high-...


Antalek, M; Pace, E; Hedman, B; Hodgson, K; Chillemi, G (Cineca); et al.

Three-dimensional models for the aqueous solvation structures of chloride, bromide, and iodide are reported...


Cantisani, C; Paolino, G; Pellacani, G; Didona, D; Scarnò, M (Cineca); et al.

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common skin cancer with an incidence that varies widely worldwide...


Chandramouli, B; Silvestri, V; Scarno, M (Cineca); Ottini, L; Chillemi, G (Cineca)

Background: The human lysine methyltransferase Smyd3, a member of the SET and MYND domain containing...


D'Abramo, M.; Besker, N. (Cineca); Desideri, A.; Levine, A. J.; Melino, G.; Chillemi, G. (Cineca)

The Trp53 gene is the most frequently mutated gene in all human cancers. Its protein product p53 is a very...


Chillemi, G (Cineca); Pace, E; D'Abramo, M; Benfatto, M.

The hydration structure dynamics of Cu(II) ion is characterized by a combination of classical molecular dynamics simulation and X-ray absorption near-edge,...


François Rincon (a,b), Francesco Califano (c), Alexander A. Schekochihin (d,e), and Francesco Valentini (f)

Although magnetic field amplification by a dynamo effect converting kinetic flow energy into magnetic energy has long been shown in...


M. Cerminara(a,b,c), T. Esposti Ongaro (b), and L. C. Berselli (c)

A new fluid-dynamic model is developed to numerically simulate the non-equilibrium dynamics of polydisperse gas–particle mixtures forming volcanic plumes. Starting from the...


Rutigliano M.; Sanna Nico (Cineca); Palma A.

The interaction of methane with an extra-framework oxygen atom in acidic zeolite (H-ZSM5) porous substrate has been investigated by means of different state of the art...