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All the researchers of the Universities and Research Centers based in Lombardy  are invited to submit scientific projects in order to receive High Performance Resources and specialized support.

The LISA initiative foresees two calls per year to give the appropriate continuity to the action.

The new agreement LISA 2016-2018 has been signed.

Two different classes of proposals are foreseen, the first is labeled “development” and the second “production”; the main characterization is the following:

  • A “production” project is characterized by a mature proposal, ready to run on the HPC machines, based on methods and software already tested, with duration 12 months and a request of core hours between 200.000 and 2.000.000 on MARCONI BROADWELL or between 400.000 and 4.000.000 on MARCONI KNL;
  • A “development” project is a proposal with a low request of HPC resources, but a high impact on the development aspects of software and/or computational methods and/or on porting on Cineca HPC infrastructure and a maximum duration of 6 months. In particular the applicant does not have to estimate the hours requested: CINECA will assign to the project an adequate amount of CPU hours. In the subsequent call the proponent of a development project is encouraged to submit a production project.

Production Calls are:

  1.  12 April - 2 May 2016  
  2.  1 - 30 September 2016   
  3.  15 Jan - 15 Feb 2017   

Development Calls are:
  1.  12 April - 2 May 2016  
  2.  1 - 30 June 2016   
  3.  15 Jan - 15 Feb 2017   

Projects can be submitted by UserDB portal in the left menu item "LISA Access".

More Information: Decreto Regione Lombardia n.3032 del 5 Aprile 2016 (PDF in Italian) and Allegato 1 al decreto n.3032 (PDF in Italian)

At the end of the project the PI will have to upload in the LISA personal area a short abstract and a longer article (only for production projects) describing the results of the research, which must be public. If the PI will not perform the task within 6 months after the end of the project CINECA will have the right to discharge any further application coming from the same PI.

All publications arising from the results obtained with the assigned resources must contain the following acknowledgement: "We acknowledge the CINECA and the Regione Lombardia award under the LISA initiative 2016-2018, for the availability of high performance computing resources and support".

For further information please contact lisa@cineca.it and have a look at http://www.hpc.cineca.it/services/lisa.