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UniBo Motorsport (team from University of Bologna) won the 11th edition of Formula SAE Brasil, at Piracicaba track, Sao Paolo state, Brazil. Formula SAE is an innovative competition in which university students from all over the world compete to design and produce a formula prototype. Cineca collaborates with the team providing HPC resources.
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The new infrastructure aims at responding to the ever-growing demand of services and capacities (storage, management, compute, and visualization) which are essential to address the challenge of "big data" problems, nowadays a key factor of many scientific disciplines.
CALL for participation: 13-14 November 2014 at ICTP, Trieste. The Symposium is open to a general audience in the area of HPC and Data-Intensive Applications in Earth Sciences and it will connect participants with experts in the field. DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 26 OCTOBER 2014. Grants are available from participants coming from the EU region.