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We published statistics about Cineca Clusters Utilization, Cineca Users and Publications supported by Cineca and by PRACE
A new computing system, named GALILEO, is available at Cineca. The new Italian Tier-1 system is devoted to scientific computing on the basis of national and European proposals. GALILEO is a IBM NeXtScale cluster accelerated with Intel Phis processors
This second edition of the Cineca HPC Report continues our commitment to offer data and information about our effort and impact in HPC on the scientific community and to share with all our stakeholders our vision and perspectives of development

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CINECA invites all interested scientists, whose projects fit the criteria of the PRACE call, to submit their projects. Preparatory access is intended for testing and developing codes in order to prepare applications for PRACE Tier-0 project access. Preparatory Access Type C includes code development with support from PRACE experts. The next cut-off date is September 7th, 2015.
The 11th PRACE Regular Call for Proposals yielded 107 eligible proposals of which 18 were awarded for a total of more than 500 million core hours. The 18 awarded projects are led by P. I. from 7 different European countries. 6 awarded projects have PI from Italy (33% of projects) for a total of 260 million core hours (50% of hours).
THOR, the Turbulence Heating ObserveR, is a mission proposal in response to ESA M4 call to address one of the most fundamental but also one of the least understood physical processes in the universe: turbulent energy dissipation and particle energization. THOR uses the HVM (hybrid Vlasov-Maxwell) fully parallelized code, that for over 10 years runs on the Fermi @ CINECA.