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Training venue

All the training events are held at CINECAs premises:

Cineca - BOLOGNA, Via Magnanelli 6/3, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna ph. + 39 051 6171411
Cineca - ROMA,  Via dei Tizii, 6 - 00185 Rome  ph. +39 06 444861
Cineca - MILANO, Via R. Sanzio 4, 20090 Segrate, Milan ph. +39 02 269951

The training venue and facilities include:

  • a classroom for large conferences (it can host 90 participants) equipped with a large white screen and powerful projector and audio amplification system (@Bologna);
  • classrooms for 20 participants with workstations, a white screen and a projector (@Bologna, @Roma, @Milano);
  • a Virtual Theatre for 3D immersive visualization. It consists of a semi-cylindrical screen, three meters by nine, and six projectors for 3D projection and a computer that guides the presentation (@Bologna);
  • several rooms for parallel group sessions(@Bologna, @Roma, @Milano) .

A wireless network is available in all training rooms. For small groups a video/tele conferencing service is available, based on Gateway H.323/H.320 in suitably equipped rooms and WebEX web conferencing for personal PCs. From the first classroom is also possible to broadcast and record events with the following services:

Streaming: this service consists of equipment including encoding systems based on PCs with special boards, a system of audio/video production, video cameras and microphones and Windows Media and Real streaming servers connected to the GARR network for research. Several educational events in the recent years have been delivered with this service.

"Live to e-Learning" (L2L): this consists of an integrated lecture capture and delivery system that makes it possible to bridge physical and virtual classrooms. It performs a semi-automatic transformation of live lectures into e-learning activities ready for publication and delivery through an e-learning platform. This technology has been developed in CINECA and since now it has been applied only to projects with external partners from Universities.

For breaks we have spaces  equipped with vending and coffee machines. Lunches are possible in a room equipped with tables, fridges and ovens. Nearby there are many bars and restaurants. Local catering services are also sometimes used.