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FERMI, the largest Italian HPC system

FERMI was taken out of production on Jul 18, 2016.

This largest system, Tier-0 at european level, is based on IBM BlueGene/Q (BGQ)architecture. It replaced the IBM SP6 supercomputer and was installed and became fully operational in summer 2012.

  • FERMI is composed of 10.240 PowerA2 sockets running at 1.6GHz, with 16 cores each, totaling 163.840 compute cores and a system peak performance of 2.1 PFlops.
  • Each processor comes with 16 Gbyte of RAM (1Gbyte per core).
  • The BG/Q system is equipped  with a performant scratch storage system with a capacity of 2.6 Pbyte  and a bandwidth in excess of 100 GByte/s.

Access to FERMI is on the basis of national and European calls for proposals. ISCRA (Italian SuperComputing Resources Allocation) and PRACE manage the access to the Tier-0 supercomputer by the way of international peer-review procedures ensuring world-class research. 

Architecture: IBM BlueGene/Q
Model: 10 racks
Processor Type: IBM PowerA2, 1.6 GHz
Computing Cores:  163840 
Computing Nodes:  10240, 16 core each
RAM: 16 GB/node, 1GB/core 
Internal Network: custom with 11 links -> 5D Torus
Disk Space:  2.6 PB of scratch space 
Peak Performance: 2PFlop/s