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On October 5th, the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the President Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of University and Research Gaetano Manfredi, approved the rules for the establishment of the National Agency for Meteorology and Climatology called "ItaliaMeteo" and measures aimed at facilitating the coordination of the management of meteorology and climatology. The rules governs the organization of the “ItaliaMeteo” Agency and its role in support of the state and regional authorities responsible for civil protection functions, the protection of health and the environment, the choices of agricultural policy. All in the respective decisions competence, including, in particular, those to be adopted in the context of the national alert system for the meteo-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk, as well as for the implementation of the plan on precision agriculture and measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change .
The Agency is part of the coordination activities in the field of meteorology and climatology, and in particular in the context of the national alert system for the meteo-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk and for the implementation of the on precision agriculture and mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change. It expects to:
- collect and archive the observational data, forecasts and simulations acquired;
- redistribe, without charge and promptly to the same subjects data, products, elaborations, analyzes, meteorological, climatological and marine forecasts, integrated with their own;
- provide optimal uniform standards for observational networks, establishing the technological criteria of quality, frequency of temporal acquisition and spatial resolution;
- agree, also from a financial point of view, the methods of transmission and exchange of data, as well as the use of the computing and IT infrastructures and data archives.

Bologna: international hub for weather.
The “ItaliaMeteo” Agency will be based at the Tecnopolo in Bologna, and will work alongside the technological facility of the ECMWF International Weather Center, the headquarters of ARPAE and the CINECA supercomputer Leonardo. CINECA already collaborates with both ARPAE and with ARPA Piemonte and Civil Protection in the weather sector. Bologna is therefore preparing to become one of the most important centers for meteorology and climatology in Europe.
The next steps that will lead to the establishment of the Agency are: the publication of the Establishment Decree and the appointment of the Director by the President of the Republic and the appointment of the top managers of the Agency, with the appointment of the President of the Ministers Council.

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