CINECA Advancing Science Communication with Innovative Technologies at VITE 2024

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The “Various Innovative Technological Experiences” conference (VITE), organised by INAF-Rome Astronomical Observatory, INFN-Frascati National Laboratories, ISPRA, ENEA, and CNR, was held from April 15th to 19th, 2024, in Monte Porzio Catone.

The conference focused on innovative technologies designed to promote public engagement and improve communication of scientific information. 

Discussions were held on various technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, holography, educational robotics, and other emerging technologies. The applications of these technologies were explored in different contexts, including education, science communication, cultural heritage, gaming, and scientific data visualisation. The aim was to enhance public involvement and improve the effectiveness of communicating scientific information.

Antonella Guidazzoli, HPC Visit Lab manager, shared her insights on ‘A Technopole for Designing the Future between Supercomputing Resources and Extended Reality’.

Daniele De Luca, along with Maria Chiara Liguoridemonstrated the practical application of VFX in Blender for popular scientific videos. Daniele De Luca also conducted a workshop on ‘the use in Blender of some tools, such as modifiers, geometry nodes, compositing, advanced shaders, etc., to support scientific visualisation and storytelling’, showcasing the potential of these tools in enhancing scientific communication.

Maria Chiara Liguori and Donatella Sforzini  discussed the use of Art to interpret scientific data. Finally, in addition to the session of the Visit Lab group in the holotheather, Giorgio Pedrazzi with Matteo Angelinelli presented an example of how AI can support the territory with “ArbörIA: AI-Enhanced Open Data Tree Inventory”.