CINECA and LENS: PROJECTOME live demo today on GARR-X

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GARR-X is the next-generation multiservice communication network provided by GARR and dedicated to the Italian university and research community, which will gradually replace the current network infrastructure.

During the official inauguration of the new 8000KM optical fiber infrastructure, in Rome on November 28, Cineca and LENS (European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy) performed a live demo on the project “Projectome”, selected as one of the outstanding collaborations between the two centers.

Projectome aims at the set up and testing of a High Performance Computational Infrastructure for processing and visualizing neuro-anatomical information obtained using confocal ultra-microscopy techniques.

The live demo demonstrated how GARR, thanks to its infrastructure of high performance networks, provides high quality support to scientific research. 

In Projectome, the LENS laboratory aquires images of mice brain at extremely high resolution, then transmit via network the rough data to Cineca, where they are processed and transformed in 3D volumes (stitching). Via the service of remote visualization provided by Cineca, the scientists of LENS are then enabled to visualize these volumes by remote, exploiting the performance of the HPC systems.

After an introduction of Marco Lanzarini, Director of Cineca, Francesco Pavone, Director of LENS shortly described Projectome and guided the demo, consisting in the live visualization of mice brain images collected in the project. The operator showed the possibility of an interactive “navigation” among the brain neurons, to analyze its shape, distrubution and malfunctions.

For further information about the remote visualisation service  provided by Cineca please visit

Please find here further info about Projectome.