DARE project: for a urban regeneration tailored to citizenship

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DARE project won the Fourth edition of the Urban innovative Actions tender, and has been presented at Ravenna City Council the 4th September 2019.

With a founding of 5 Millions Euros, DARE (Digital environment for collaborative alliances to regenerate urban ecosystems in middle-sized cities) had the higher contribution from European Initiative UIA (European Innovative Actions) “Urban Lab” (2014-2020), aimed to ground strongly innovative projects for european cities.

The main project objectives will be the digital transition and urban regeneration of the Darsena area in Ravenna, actively involving citizens for promoting and co-creating digital culture and to update local Public Administration.

Cineca is one of the main partners of the project, and will build the digital infrastructure to collect, manage and create Darsena data such as traffic data, economic and financial data, environmental data and population data. The digital environment will benefit of the citizens’ collaboration in an AGILE methodology.

Coordinated by Ravenna City Council, the other partners are Enea – Agenzia nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile; Chia Lab srl; Alma mater studiorum – Università di Bologna; European Crowdfunding Network AISBL; Studiomapp srl; CIFLA -Fondazione Flaminia Innovation Center; BiPart Impresa sociale srl; CNA; CertiMaC Soc. Cons. a r.l. and Legacoop Romagna.