Driving forward the Big Data Value ecosystem: BDVA i-Space Gold Label

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Cineca received the BDVA i-Space Gold label, during the iSpaces Ceremony, at the European Big Data Value Forum 2020. As a labelled i-Space Cineca is recognized to be a data innovation space that contributes driving forward the Big Data Value ecosystem and its digital agenda for the benefit of Europe, its companies and citizens.

Data Ecosystems

i-Spaces are Data Innovation Spaces. As Trusted Data Ecosystems, they target to accelerate take up of data driven innovation in private sectors like Manufacturing 4.0, Logistics, e Commerce, Media, Aerospace, Automobile, Energy, Agriculture and Agroindustry, Pharma; as well as in non-profit sectors (e-Government, Environment, Public Health, Smart Cities). i-Spaces provide services to enable and support the development and validation of new Big Data use cases, i-Spaces therefore generate economical, societal and environmental value to their local ecosystems.

Data Innovation Hub

Labelled i-Spaces, beyond exchange of good practice, form a Europe-wide ecosystem, in order to foster trans-boundaries data innovation. In the concept of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH), i-Spaces act as the nucleus with their competences, infrastructure, expertise and access to regional communities. Their tailored SME support through a wide range of flexible services enables them to support a wide range of digitization strategies.

Big data @Cineca

Cineca was awarded the i-Space Label thanks to the excellence of the infrastructure, the availability of Big Data tailored services and the active participation in many projects such as iMediaCities, Mistral, Hilander, Cybele, Icarus, IoTwins. AI4EU, AIDA, HiFiTurb, i-Media-Cities, Oprecomp, Highlander, EOSC-Hub, FF4EuroHPC, DARE, SUPER.

In particular this label enabled Cineca to be part of EUHubs4Data, the European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs, which has been funded under the call DT-ICT-05-2020 and groups all labelled i-Spaces to provide a catalogue of datasets and services, open calls and support in data driven experimentations.