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The European Technology Platform (ETP) for High Performance Computing (HPC) was created to improve Europe’s position in the domain of HPC technologies and to foster collaboration among all players in the HPC supply chain.

The founding members are major European suppliers of High Performance Computing (HPC) technologies in association with European HPC research centres.

The ETP Panel Session, held at SC12 on Wednesday, November 14th, with an audience of some 110 HPC research and industries players, put together the representatives of all the research centers, industries and providers for an important discussion on the action of this group, its targets and expected impact in the EU panorama.

Divided in three parts, the Panel Session focalized on the structure and founding members of the ETP4HPC, on its roadmap, on HPC developments and expansion, on the training needs to support HPC evolution, and on the important relation between the ETP4HPC and PRACE.

The ETP is working on producing a Strategic Research Agenda, to address the evolution of HPC in Europe and support politicians and decision makers in the management and the enhancing of technological innovation. 

Speakers in the Panel were  Sanzio Bassini - CINECA, Catherine Riviere - GENCI, J. Gonord - CEA, Arndt Bode - LRZ, Jean-Francois Lavignon - BULL, Hugo Falter - PARTEC, Jean-Philippe Nominé - CEA, Guy Lonsdale - SCAPOS, Sergi Girona - BSC, Francois Bodin - CAPS, Thomas Eickermann - FZJ, Ken Claffey - Xyratex, Marc Dollfus - Intel, David Lecomber, Allinea.

Sanzio Bassini presented a practical case of collaboration between research and industries of one of the ETP4HPC founding members, Cineca.