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An event was organized on 19th and 20th February to showcase the preliminary outcomes of the GRINS (Growing Resilient, INclusive and Sustainable) project coordinated by the University of Bologna – Department of Economics. The project aims to develop AMELIA (a platform for the transfer of knowledge and statistical analysis), an online data platform designed to enable the statistical analysis of various socioeconomic, environmental, health, and financial trends in Italy. The platform will offer insights both on the local and national levels, and the findings of these analyses will be made available to the relevant stakeholders.

Giorgio Pedrazzi from Cineca presented the activities conducted by the consortium to support the platform development. Cineca is participating in the Spoke 0¬†activities that aim to develop the platform by combining its expertise in High Performance Computing, Data Science, and Technological Innovation. The consortium is providing necessary ICT and HPC components to achieve the objectives of the platform’s development.

The project aims to create a portal that will support fundamental and applied research for businesses and households and policy analysis for public administrations. Its main goal is to generate knowledge and share it with public and private stakeholders and the national research system. The project follows the principles of the Italian National Research Plan (NRP) and the broader EU-NRP objectives, which aim to promote resilient, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

The project is funded by the National Research Program, Mission 4 (Infrastructure and Research), Component 2 (From Research to Enterprise), Investment 1.3 (Extended Partnerships), and Theme 9 (Economic Sustainability of Systems and Territories).