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LINKS foundation

From the 9th of April 2021, the LINKS Foundation will start a project of collaboration with CINECA (one of the largest scientific computing centers in Europe, chosen to host one of the three pre-exascale solutions - the supercomputer Leonardo) and the French company Pasqal in the field of quantum calculation and its applications of industrial and scientific interest. Specifically, the project follows the experience gained by the Advanced Computing and Applications (ACA) team in implementing advanced algorithms for solving complex optimization problems, which can benefit enormously from the characteristics offered by quantum machines. On the other hand, the company Pasqal is one of the first three European companies able to build this type of innovative machines. Within the project, thanks to its long experience as a provider of services and supercomputing resources, CINECA is positioned as one of the first companies at European level to be able to provide access to the type of machines made by Pasqal.
LINKS and two other Italian Universities will be the only entities in our country to have the opportunity to work directly with one of the main European reality in the field of quantum computing systems and to contribute to the last stages of development before marketing of Pasqal solutions. In addition, this close collaboration with CINECA and the company Pasqal will allow LINKS to work and acquire important knowledge about one of the frontier technologies in the field of advanced computing systems that are the basis of future research programmes financed at European level (Horizoneurope and Eurohpc-JU).

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