PRACE 10th Call for Project Access is now open

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The PRACE 10th Call for proposals for PRACE Project Access (Tier-0) is now open and will close on October 22, 12:00 (noon) CEST. The allocation decision is scheduled for the last week of February 2015, and the Tier-0 Access, for 1 year or Multi-Year Project Access, will take place starting on 10 March 2015 until 9 March 2016.

CINECA invites all interested scientists and researchers, whose projects fit the criteria of the PRACE calls, to submit their projects. The criteria for the PRACE calls, as well as complete information on the PRACE machines, how to apply and on the PRACE peer review process, can be found at

This Call for Proposals targets large-scale, computationally intensive projects that would not be possible or productive without access to PRACE resources.

Applications for Project Access must use codes that have been previously tested and that demonstrate high scalability and optimisation to multi-core architectures or that demonstrate a requirement for ensemble simulations that need a very large amount of CPU overall.

Five Tier-0 machines are available:

  •     Bull Bullx cluster “Curie” ( GENCI @CEA, France)
  •     IBM Blue Gene/Q “FERMI” (CINECA, Italy)
  •     Cray XC30 “Hornet” ( GCS @HLRS, Germany)
  •     IBM System X iDataplex “MareNostrum” (BSC, Spain)
  •     IBM System X iDataplex “SuperMUC” (GCS @LRZ, Germany)

The IBM BG/Q system Fermi is composed of 10.240 PowerA2 sockets running at 1,6 GHz, with 16 cores each, for a total of 163.840 compute cores and a system peak performance of 2 petaflops. Each processor comes with 16 GB of RAM (1 GB per core). The total available capacity in this call on Fermi is 390 million compute core hours.

Fermi is available for 1-Year, Multi-Year Project Access and Programmatic Access.

For development and scaling of HPC codes, PRACE offers Preparatory Access here.

The schedule for the 10th Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access is:

10th call
Opening date 10 September 2014, 12:00 (noon) CEST
Closing date 22 October 2014, 12:00 (noon) CEST
Allocation Decision last week of February 2015
Tier-0 Access, for 1 year allocation 10 March 2015 until 9 March 2016