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R2B 2017


Cineca will be present at R2B Research to Business 2017 in Bologna on 8-9 June 2017

Visit Cineca's booth E17 at Bologna Fiere (Pad 33)

We'll tell you about our services:

  • Research Support

Cineca’s facility for supercomputing is the biggest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The mission of Cineca is to support the scientific discovery, by providing access and assistance to high performance computing and large data resources to the Italian and European research community. Access to computational resources is provided through a Peer Review process based on scientific excellence and is organized into three different programmes, Regional (LISA), Italian (ISCRA) and European (PRACE) respectively. During the 2016 an overall total of 1.6 billion compute hours (core/h) was granted to perform numerical simulations in various scientific fields. To facilitate the use of the supercomputers, Cineca offers an extensive training programme to the research community. In 2016, over 760 Italian and European students attended 32 courses, 4 schools and 1 workshop, distributed across Bologna, Milan and Rome. Most of the courses involve hands-on exercises to provide a  practical approach.

  • Innovation, Technology transfer

Cineca sustains innovation and technology transfer by means of collaborative R&D projects. Cineca is a Digital Innovation Hub for HPC and cloud-based simulation services technologies. The Consortium promotes access to HPC competences that can help enterprises to assess, plan and master the digital transformation. Cineca is  the best vendor-neutral partner for finding resources, providing competences, and designing use cases to support the innovators inside the company.

By providing computational capacity and expertise to relevant industrial stakeholders, also through open collaborations, Cineca helps them to accelerate time-to-solution. Customized services for SMEs include: providing on-demand access to top computing infrastructure;  performance evaluation and enhancing; Proof-of-Concept project development. Collaboration agreements focus on addressing specific technology challenges which require the coordination of multidisciplinary expertises over short periods of time.