The first MISTRAL hackathon

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The first MISTRAL hackathon project took place at the Fantoli laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano on May 30th 2019. Organized by Arpa Piemonte, it was attended by an audience of various thematic areas experts, introduced by Lorenzo Lipparini, Councilor for participation, active citizenship and open data, Professor Giovanni Menduni and Bernardo de Bernardinis, Civil Protection Department

Events like this one represent key points for the MISTRAL project in order to create a Portal that will allow access to observed data and weather forecasts at national level, so that the features are really tailored to users. The participants suggested new ideas for future development activities and the definition of a real portfolio of services. The result of the meeting, as well as the creation of a community of users, constitutes a reference for the meteorological services providers, such as the Agenzia Italia Meteo. As a supercomputing center, Cineca is proud to provide computing resources and expertise to Italian public meteorology and keep on its supporting activities. New business models could originate from this Hackathon day by means of users’ contribution to supporting services in different and innovative collaborative ways.

Many ideas arose in the nine technical tables as the one of the providers of meteorological data, which have highlighted the importance of Open Data in multiple applications area ranging from the Insurance Sector as Giovanni Celeri told, up to the Tourism and Agriculture Sector.

On the Youtube channel dedicated to the event it is possible to follow the main discussions and a final overview of the event.