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Video: "How supercomputers impact our lives"


January 2021, a new pre-exascale HPC machine, called Leonardo, is starting its computational life in Bologna, Italy. 

Watch the video made to tell what the impact of the supercomputing is in our lives and to anticipate some data on Leonardo.

Leonardo a brand new pre-exascale supercomputer:

  • 3 Modules
  • 5000 computing nodes
  • 200+ PFlops
  • 3+PB RAM
  • 150 PB I/O
  • 150PB of storage
  • 1TB/s bandwidth
  • 200Gb/s interconnection bandwidth
  • 9MW 
  • PUE 1,08
  • 240Mln € investment
  • 1500+ m2 footprint

Leonardo pre-exascale project receives funding from the European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking  (JU)