A new GPU powered system in CINECA (upgrade of PLX)

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Dear users, It is with great pleasure that CINECA and SCS – Super Computing Solutions are announcing a very important upgrade of the PLX system (http://www.cineca.it/it/node/3110).
The current nodes will be equipped with new six-core Intel Westmere processors at 2.40GHz (two processors per node for a total of 12 cores per node). Moreover the node memory will be increased to 48GB and equipped with two GPUs (NVIDIA m2070). 
Thanks to the 3288 cores and 548 GPUs the new PLX reaches a peak performance near to 300 TFlops, that makes it the most powerful Supercomputer in Italy. 
The upgrade will start in the next few days and will last about two weeks. The new PLX will be available around mid May.
We do not expect to close the service during the upgrade, but occasional downgrades and even down times could occur. We will keep you constantly informed and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this could cause.
For any questions please ask to superc@cineca.it.