Ada cloud: 2FA enforcement and FS maintenance operations on June 27th

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Dear Cloud Users,
we inform you that during the G100 maintenance we will need to detach the G100 File System (FS) from all the devices. As a consequence, during the maintenance, the portions of G100 FS mounted on VM of the cloud will not be available.
The maintenance will start at around 10 am of June 27th and will be concluded during the same day. We will inform about the end of the maintenance via HPC-News.
We also remind that on June 27th we will enforce 2FA authentication to login to Ada cloud Openstack portal.
Starting from around 9.00 am the portal will be under maintenance to apply the changes. All users will be logged out.At the end of the operations users will be able to login to openstack only using 2FA credentials.
Finally, by June 27th, the Application Credentials will expire automatically after 7 days. After this time the user will need to login to Openstack and generate new Application Credentials.
Here is the link to our User Guide on how to setup 2FA if you haven’t done it already:
For any question, don’t hesitate to write us to
Best regards
HPC User Support @ CINECA