CINECA HPC course “Introduction to MATLAB on HPC Systems at CINECA”

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Dear Users,we are happy to announce that subscriptions are open for the 1-day course “Introduction to MATLAB on HPC systems at CINECA”.In the course attendees will be introduced to parallel computing with MATLAB for solving compute- and data-intensive problems using multicore processors, GPUs and computer clusters. By working through common scenarios to parallelize MATLAB algorithms, attendees will gain an understanding of parallel computing with MATLAB and learn about best practices.In the afternoon an Hands-on session will teach how to access the pre-exascal, HPC clusters Leonardo, configure and submit jobs using MATLAB directly from you local Matlab installation on your PC.The course will be held on November 10th 2023 at CINECA and will be exclusively in presence.Registrations will close on October 13th 2023.For additional information please look at the dedicated page of the course:
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HPC User Support @ CINECA