DAVIDE: new job preemption mode for academic users

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Dear users,
in order to minimize the amount of idle resources on DAVIDE cluster, the new partition
has been defined for academic users. This partition allows to access additional nodes with respect to the allotted quantity for academic production (5 nodes), in a preemptable modality: the jobs submitted to the dvd_usr_preempt partition may be assigned nodes if available, and may be killed if the assigned resources are requested by jobs submitted to higher priority partitions (dvd_fua_prod and dvd_usr_prod); hence, we recommend its use only with restartable applications.
IMPORTANT NEWS: from October 7 to October 10 the five academic nodes are reserved to a GPU Hackathon, and the dvd_usr_preempt will be the only partition available for the academic (non Eurofusion) users.
Best regards
HPC User Support @ CINECA