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Dear Users,
we are adopting a series of measures to improve the quality and security of our HPC services. 
Starting from 15th March the users of gitlab.www.hpc.cineca.it will be forced to adopt the Two-factor authentication (2FA) as described here: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/profile/account/two_factor_authenticatio…  
Important: When 2FA is enabled you will not be able to use your credentials anymore (HPC username/password) to interact with the git command line (e.g. git clone, git pull, git push). You are going to need a personal access token instead of your regular password. This option is already available if desired, but soon it will be obligatory.  
You can create as many personal access tokens as you like.

After logging into gitlab.www.hpc.cineca.it, in the upper-right corner, select your avatar.
Select Edit profile.
On the left sidebar, select Access Tokens.
Enter a name and optional expiry date for the token.
Select the desired scopes. Please make sure to select the proper token scope according to the operations you need to carry out on your repository (e.g.: write_repository to push, read_repository to pull/fetch, etc…).
 Select Create personal access token

Save the personal access token somewhere safe. After you leave the page, you no longer have access to the token. Even though the token has a limited scope, treat it as a regular password.
More details on the personal access token can be found here: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/profile/personal_access_tokens.html
Kind regards, HPC User support @ CINECA