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Dear users,
in order to ensure the fairest use of the resources to all users, we have changed the scheduler configuration on Fermi by limiting the number of jobs for user in the queueing state (Idle = I, Pending = P, Running = R).
All the other submitted jobs will still be accepted as “not-queued” (NQ) and their priority will be assigned only when they pass from the NQ to the queueing state. i.e. when some of the queued jobs are completed or canceled from the queue. This is also valid for multi-step jobs.
The maximum number of jobs for a single user varies from queue to queues. These are the values set:
debug = 3, longdebug = 4, smallpar = 4, parallel = 2
Please note that the bigpar queue is for the moment not affected by the change. We want to remark that this is part of an overall change of the scheduling policies, as the recent introduction of the smallpar queue, which is still ongoing and will be definitive after a testing period. After that, the FERMI user guide will be updated accordingly.
Kind regards,
HPC User Support