Few places left for the EUROCC course: Quantum computing for industry

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Dear Users,

this is to inform you that EUROCC Italian competence center offers the course: “Quantum computing for the industry” – from the 8th February to 10th of February 2022@ Hotel Ritz di Milano (via Lazzaro Spallanzani 40, Milano) .
Quantum Computing (QC) is an innovative approach to computation and data processing, based on the principles of quantum mechanics, which will allow us to address and solve problems foreclosed even by the most powerful supercomputers. The QC in fact, upsets the classical computer science going to replace the basic logic unit of the computer, the bit, with a new basic logic unit, the qubit, able to manifest quantum behaviors. Registrations will close tomorrow, Friday, 28th of January, at 4pm. There are only a few places left. 

The course is free of charge, is designed for company personnel, will be held in Italian, will be in-person. 
For more details about the event, including how to register, please see the following link (in Italian):https://eventi.cineca.it/en/hpc/quantum-computing-lindustria/20220208

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