Files limit on DRES spaces of type “arch”

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Dear users,
a new limit on DRES spaces of “arch” type has been imposed. The reason is that the mechanism that moves old data on our tape archives works only for files that are big enough, and can not handle smaller files.
Starting from tomorrow, March 31st, for each DRES you can archive a total number of files up to:
2000 files * total TB of DRES quota
You are able to verify the stored files quota by typing the following command:
cindata -f3
and then checking the “INODE” column.
In order to decrease your quota of archived files it is recommended to create archives by compressing several files in a .tar of size equal to or greater than 500 MB , so that they can be stored as one single file.
Users that have already reached their quota are not able to store any more files in their DRES. Such users should either decrease the number of files by deletion or compress them as suggested above, so that they can be able to store new files again.
Best regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA