G100: new partitions in production

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Dear Users,
as you know Galileo100 nodes provide two types of nodes, thin and fat, characterised by a maximum memory per node of  375300MB  and about 3TB respectively. To ease the use of the different nodes, and fully control the job environment, two new partitions have been defined in addition to the existing g100_usr_prod, which collects all thin and fat nodes :

g100_usr_bmem: this partition collects only the nodes with a memory per node of about 3 TB.
g100_usr_smem: this partition is composed only of thin nodes characterized by a memory per node of  375300 MB.

A study on the performances of the thin and fat nodes is ongoing and a change of the billing on the g100_usr_bmem partition may be introduced in the future.
Please refer to the online documentation on https://wiki.u-gov.it/confluence/display/SCAIUS/UG3.3%3A+GALILEO100+User… for additional information.
Best regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA