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Dear users,
we are happy to announce that registration for the CINECA event “High Performance Computing and Quantum Computing (HPCQC)” are now open!
HPCQC is the CINECA most important annual Quantum Computing workshop (now in its fifth edition) where the leading experts in HPC and QC will explain all the news that emerged in the last year.
Thanks to the recent developments carried out mainly by the European Commission (EuroHPC JU, in particular), namely the assignment of 6 quantum computers in Europe to be integrated with as many supercomputers (for Italy, CINECA was selected, which will equip Leonardo, the fourth most powerful in the world, of a quantum accelerator with neutral atoms qubits technology), this year’s edition will start by telling what is happening in Italy and in Europe, explaining to the general public the initiatives we are carrying out in order to guarantee all European researchers of the solid and complete infrastructures where they can do research using all the quantum computers existing today.
Subsequently we will give the possibility to different manufacturers to present the news in the field of the realization of new quantum computers, every year more powerful. In addition to the Big classics such as D-Wave and IBM, we will also give space to new start-ups that are now entering the Quantum Computing market.
Finally, we will show a selection of important scientific works carried out using new quantum technologies, to show the degree of maturity of machines and algorithms.
I leave you the link for registration at the bottom of this mail. This year’s edition will take place in “hybrid” mode: you can choose whether to participate online or in person. In the second case we will offer you lunch and coffee.
Best Regards,
HPC User Support @ CINECA