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Dear Users,
SCAI, the HPC department of CINECA, offers several training opportunities focused on a variety of topics to support Italian and worldwide computational scientists in their research activity.
 We are happy to announce you the winter schools, seminars, workshops and courses focusing on parallel programming, parallel tools, that will help you in your daily job and the use of our systems.
SCAI is also one of the 6 PRACE PATCs (PRACE Advanced Training Centers) that enable the European research community to utilize the computational infrastructures available. Therefore our training offer includes several events sponsored by the European Project PRACE-2IP, labeled as PATC events.
26 September         Tecniche e strumenti per la programmazione scientifica su BG/Q
15  October             Tecniche e strumenti per la programmazione scientifica su BG/Q
16-17 October         Introduzione al linguaggio C per la programmazione scientifica
22-24 October         Introduzione alla programmazione ad oggetti in C++
25-26  October        Introduzione alle GPGPU e alla programmazione CUDA
5-7  November        Perl for Bioinformatics
19-21 November    Python for computational science
PATC courses
 These are courses held in English and sponsored by the European Project PRACE-2IP. 
8-10 October      Introduction to parallel programming and Message Passing paradigm
11  October         Introduction to OpenMP programming
12  October         Introduction to hybrid programming MPI+OpenMP
19  October         Hybrid programming for Material Science
12-13 November  HPC Surgery: debugging, profiling and optimization of a scientific code
3-4  December   Tools and techniques for scientific programming on BG/Q  
For the complete list and registration forms, please check the training section of our web site: