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Dear all, this is to inform you that, due to tecnichal problems, the Virtual surgery about “High performance visualization of scientific data with MPI and CUDA” hosted by me and Claudio has been postponed until tomorrow November 3rd, 15:00 CEST.
It is possible to follow the virtual surgery from all the HPC-Europa2 TA centre: CINECA (Bologna), BSC (Barcelona), EPCC (Edinburgh), HLRS (Stuttgart), GENCI-CINES (Paris), SARA (Amsterdam) and CSC (Helsinki).
I remind you the abstract of the topic: The scientific community is presently witnessing an unprecedented growth in the quality and quantity of data sets coming from simulations and real-world experiments. To access effectively and extract the scientific content of such large-scale data sets (often sizes are measured in hundreds or even millions of Gigabytes) appropriate tools are needed. Visual data exploration and discovery is a robust approach for rapidly and intuitively inspecting large-scale data sets, e.g. for identifying new features and patterns or isolating small regions of interest within which to apply time-consuming algorithms. This talk presents a high performance parallelized implementation of Splotch, our visual data exploration and discovery algorithm for large-scale astrophysical data sets coming from particle-based simulations. Splotch has been improved in order to exploit modern massively parallel architectures, e.g. multicore CPUs and CUDA-enabled GPUs. We present performance and scalability benchmarks on a number of test cases, demonstrating the ability of our high performance parallelized Splotch to handle efficiently large-scale data sets, such as the outputs of the Millennium II simulation, the largest cosmological simulation ever performed.
Regards     Marzia Rivi
— Dr. Marzia Rivi Ph.D. CINECA – High Performance Computing via Magnanelli 6/3 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO) – ITALY
m.rivi@cineca.it    tel: +39-051-6171322 www.cineca.it        fax: +39-051-6132198